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  • This bath bomb mould is a 2 piece kit. Once you purchase this listing you receive literally a 40mm half bath bomb sphere maker and also receive a cone maker with the following specs:

    total height of bath bomb: 55mm = 2.16"

    small diameter at the bottom: 20mm = 0.787"

    large diameter at top: 40mm = 1.575"


    Easy to make bath bomb with them and due to the very high 3d printing resolution it realeases the bath bomb easily via knocking the outer side with a fork or knife, easy as is.

    3D printed of BIO degradable, ECO friendly material through our wasteless manufacturing process.
    Quality: we offer super quality only.

    Cleaning: use lukewarm water (below 50 degrees celsius) and a soft brush e.g. toothbush to gently rub it. Doesn't take longer than a few seconds and ready.

    Ice cream cone and scoop of icecream bath bomb kit


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