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Universal handle: comfortable for people who like using handles and also perfect for people with hammer

IMPORTANT: Our stamps are tested in SOAPS not in plasticine!!! This is very important because the texture of plasticine is totally different from a soap. Any type of stamp looks good in plasticine meanwhile it just doesn't work in soap. There are shapes not suitable for hard soaps like coconut!

Cleaning: use lukewarm water (below 50 degrees celsius) and a soft brush e.g. toothbush to gently rub it. Doesn't take longer than a few seconds and ready.


Please get in touch in case of any specific request, I'll do my best to make it happen.
Have more listings and will add more and more designs.Generally of all products:

Soap stamps are 3d printed using ECO Friendly, BIO degradable plant based materials supporting the environment. Due to the nature of these materials I have achieved wasteless manufacturing.
Plant based plastics are actually POLIMERS. Polimer is a natural occurance, like leather. Plastics are artifical materials. Acrylic is artificial, that is why I do not use it.

Every single soap stamp and edge cutter I sell are 100% quality checked visually, and we try to break the little pieces off by hand to see if they are strong enough.

SoapStamps4You is known for its great quality 3D printed stamps that is achieved by manual post processing of each unit. I worked out a special non-automated hand sanding method to finish the stamps off and make them perfectly smooth, sharp for your satisfaction.

IMPORTANT: Not dishwasher safe, please clean as described above or as described in the leaflet sent with your order and/or electronically.

Thank You,

Danke Seifenstempel - 1.77" x 0.67" (45mm x 17mm)



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