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  • This 2 pieces extreme fast bath bomb maker kit is easy to use and not sensitive to failure.

    In just 2 hours we are able to make hundreds of $ or EUR worth bath bombs with only 1 kit. Imagine if you have a helper and use 2 kits...!


    Available diameters:

    1.378" = 35mm

    1.575" = 40mm

    2.362" = 60mm



    Two different variations of the kit are avilable.

    1. 2 half spheres look exactly the same, they have no ring around. This can be seen here in the listing video.

    2. 1 half is without ring and other half is with ring. You can make a spherical bath bomb having a thicker are around in the middle.

    3D printed of BIO degradable, ECO friendly material through our wasteless manufacturing process.
    Quality: we offer super quality only.

    Cleaning: use lukewarm water (below 50 degrees celsius) and a soft brush e.g. toothbush to gently rub it. Doesn't take longer than a few seconds and ready.

    2 pieces fast sphere bath bomb maker


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