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As you may know we were on holiday and actually came back with a little series of gift for you. The images below are for you, so feel free to use what you find in the gallery below. Completely unique images, I made them with my P20 Pro.

(I authorize you to use and download the images in the first top gallery only, rest of the images under my copyright and not authorized to be downloaded or shared in any way)

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After collecting some horse chestnuts my son asked mom to make soap, here are some other photos how it was made into soap. :-)

Here is the process:

1. have a nice walk underneath the trees (with your children if have) :-)

2. collect horse chestnut

3. boil the chestnut for approx 75-90 minutes

boiling horse chestnut in clean water

4. collect your base liquid after boiling

Collect boiled horse chestnut base liquid

5. peel them after cooled down. <- difficult task and time consuming

6. ground them

ground boiled and peeled horse chestnut

7. FREEZE the liquid and add the lye while frozen

adding lye to frozen horse chestnut base liquid (from boiling)

8. Also add ground horse chestnut, little colour and it can go to the mould

9. And finally mommy hand drew a little chestnut man that I turned into a soap stamp that I my son loves so much.

Thank you for reading and commenting :)

Viktor @SoapStamps4You

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