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Rubber mallet or bare hand stamping? Read forward...

Updated: Nov 28, 2022

I recorded a video quickly to demontrate how stamping works, performing it with a rubber mallet or via bare hands. Let's dive in!


This video shows that we definitely like rubber mallet over bare hand, but it doesn't state that you cannot perform a perfect stamping with bare hands. Years ago when we started making stamps we never used rubber mallet but used Isopropyl alcohol and bare hands. To be perfectly honest somebody from Germny asked us years back why we never tried the mallet and we did. And since we do use it. I made this video for you quickly, hope it will help should you struggle with nice and clean results.

Hope you enjoyed the video and learnt from it. Give it a few tries, I am sure you will succeed.

Keep up making beautiful soaps and bath bombs

All the best, meet you in my next blog post.

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