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Can a Melt And Pour Soap be stamped at all?

Updated: May 12, 2020


In this blog post I share our first ever video on M&P stamping. Well, it made us sweat, but was worthy.

M&P is generally a very hard soap (obviously we do not know too much of M&P as we do not make much of this type). We used TheSoapkitchen's (UK based family bussiness) base to have this test carried out.

Timi was already prepared with a rubberr mallet. She didn't even try without, possibly she could end up breaking the stamp, her wrist, or just smash the soap leaning over and using all her body weight. Chance of over pushing leads to the outline of the rectangular base to be visible in the soap. (we do not like such result)

Very hard hits and many of them were necessary to achieve what she did achieve in the video. 3D stamp with the presented design seemed to be too much and she wasn't able to manage a deep visual imprint.

All other stamps in the video performed very well and we could get nice results.

The best and most beautiful result was achieved by the thinner lines Sunny Swirls Soap Stamp.

Please see our video, give us a thumbs up and subscribe to our channel.

Thanks for reading

Viktor @SoapStamps4You

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