• There is another unicorn plastic mould design available, please click the following link to view:

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    This is a handmade "flexible" plastic mould made of LDPE plastic..

    You can use this mould  for soap, wax, resin, polymer clay, chocolate,  plaster, fondant, candy, and you can give me feedback on what other textures/substances it takes and de-mould properly.

    Please consider before adding to cart that not all the moulds are deep enough for soap, candles or plaster, however you can give it a try, you may have the skills to achieve.

    Pieces should come out easy, if not try cooling them. If still doesn't de-mould easy enough or breaks you still have the option to use a mould release spray.

    LDPE stands for Low density thus we get greap properties and some level of flexibility for moulding purposes, but it's heat resistance is not so good, do not put near any heat source.

    Plastic is food safe. Many do not know this. Plastic is not bio degradable like the polimer soap stamps we also make, but once plastic is cured into the plastic we know and hold in our hands it is absolutely safe. Do not try to use a mould that has had resin or any non-food kind item in it for any food related projects. This may cause serious health problems and doing so it is not our responisbility.

    Unicorn plastic (not only) bath bomb mould 2

    SKU: SS4YPM002

    Material is LDPE = no high heat resistance


    Cleaning: under lukewarm water, easy. As in the description it de-moulds easily, so there should be not much residue to clean off.


    - never leave under direct sunlight especially not during summer

    - never put heavy stuff on it as it breaks

    - it is not a ball so do not drop it or throw it :-) (sorry, I have to)

    - same designs fit into each other, I suggest store them such way as they strengthen each other. For eg. you have 5 of the same deisgns, slip them into each other and put them in the shelf.

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