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  • Children's favourite small donut shaped bath bomb mould. Using this mould you can make bath bombs that parents will love purchasing for their children, or even for themselves. 1 bath bomb only for a bath? Why not adding 2 or 3 different ones simoultanesly or separately? Children love more smaller ones in the water, mixing the different colours and gaining skills like blue+yellow=green)
    This bath bomb mold is easy to use and consits of 2 pieces only. Quick and convinient. Check the Youtube channel or subscribe (link below) for more videos on this and ther bath bomb tools.

    3D printed of BIO degradable, ECO friendly material through our wasteless manufacturing process.
    Quality: we offer super quality only.

    Cleaning: use lukewarm water (below 50 degrees celsius) and a soft brush e.g. toothbush to gently rub it. Doesn't take longer than a few seconds and ready.

    Video link on how to make bath bomb embeds easily and how to load them into this donut mold, also the test result...

    3 variations are available:
    - No ring: bath bomb mould top + bottom. Bottom piece has no extra perimeter to make the ring. Results in an approx 49gr bath bomb
    - With ring: bath bomb mould top + bottom. Bottom piece has extra larger perimeter around that makes a ring. Results in a slightly bigger 59gr bath bomb.
    - Kit: bath bomb mould top + both bottoms for the ring and the without ring versions. YOU DO NOT GET 2 sets of bath bomb moulds, but you get 2 different bottoms and 1 top. It means, you either can make bath bomb with ring or without. (See the 1st product photo with the 3 pieces you get)

    Approximate size of bath bomb made with this donut mould:

    (2.25" (57mm) diameter     approx WEIGHT with the ring: 59gr without the ring 49gr

    Small donut bath bomb mould kit - 2.25" (57mm) diameter - children's favourite



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