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  • Video with real working bath bomb recipe can be found in my wife's (Timi) channel, here is the link:



    Specially developed 3D printed Bath Bomb Embeds.

    These embeds can be used to be added to bath or to be used as embeds into larger bombs.


    Not dishwasher safe, bio-degradable, ECO friendly plant based plastic manufactured through our wasteless manufacturing process.

    CLEANING: only lukewarm water, do not leave in hot water, it may warps.


    External dimensions:

    0.4" (1cm) 16pcs  grid: 4x4 = 2.01! x 2.01" (51.2mm x 51.2mm)

    0.4" (1cm) 36pcs grid 6x6 = 2.83" x 2.83" (72mm x 72mm)

    06" (1.5cm) 16pcs grid: 4x4 = 2.85" x 2.85" (72.4mm x 72.4mm)


    Mini Bath Bomb Embeds Mould / more variations

    Pocket Size
    Number of Pockets