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  • 3D printed of BIO degradable, ECO friendly material through our wasteless manufacturing process.

    Cleaning: use lukewarm water (below 50 degrees celsius) and a soft brush e.g. toothbush to gently rub it. Doesn't take longer than a few seconds and ready.


    Video with real working bath bomb recipe can be found in my wife's (Timi) channel, here is the link:



    Another Youtube link on how to use the spraying mask:

    Spraying mask


    Approximate size of bath bomb made with this mould:

    2.95" x 2.05" x 0.67" (75mm x 52mm x 17mm)     WEIGHT after a few days: approx 56 gramms


    Pink: bath bomb mould

    Blue: matching spraying mask

    Small Koala bath bomb mould kit - see description for video links



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