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  • This is one of the 2 designs developed especially to support people and animals in need in Australia due to the bushfires. Once you purchase this stamp 100% of purchase price (not only the profit) will be put aside and collected till end of February 2020. All the money will be paid into an Australian charity's bak account and will publish proof of this. Purchasing this and/or the other related koala listing you directly provide financial help for people and Animals in Australia.


    This is a physical product made of plastic based on your Handle Type Selection (can be purchased in plant based environment friendly material)

    IMPORTANT: Our stamps tested in SOAPS not in plasticine!!! This is very important because the texture of plasticine is totally different to a soap. Any type of stamp looks good in plasticine meanwhile they just don't work in soap. There are shapes not suitable for hard soaps like coconut, so if in need, please get in touch before your purchase for obligation free advice!
    Information leaflet is provided at least for your first few purchases including information on:



    - how to use the stamps

    - how to clean the stamps

    - warranty information



    Please get in touch in case of any specific request, I'll do my best to make it happen.
    Have more listings and will add more and more designs.


    For custom design please search for the specific listing and never forget to get in touch beforehand for obligation free pre-chekup of your design.


    With extensive experience we also offer Custom Stamp Design services for additional cost, see prices in specific listing in the shop.


    Koala on tree - bushfires - soap stamp - footprint 1.65" x 2.28" (42mm x 58mm)