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Even better soap stamps? Say yess and read forward

Have you heard about the so popular 3D stamps by Soap Stamps 4 You? The ever first 3D printed round embossing stamps? Well, it's been years we have been making these stamps and they are quite successfull from USA to Autralia All Around The World.

BUT, we are listening to you dear soap maker. Some of you, mainly from Germany came up with the same idea independently from each other. See the images below (click the right arrow, too)...

Can you spot the difference between the first 2 and last 2 images? All are 3D stamps, but...


Let me explain the change and the big WHYs

  • The shape of the stamp has been changed to round from square. Why? Actually more reasons are in the background:

    • Reason 1: using a rubber mallett - that we suggest anyway - you could over imprint the square stamp and doing so the rectangular shape becomes visibe in the soap, too.

    • Reason 2: The thickness of the older handle didn't seem to be thick enough for some of you, at least this was the feedback I received from some of you. Now this new design is thicker and less likely to reach your finger with the rubber mallet.


It is your decision how deep you want the imprint to go taking into account the depth of the design is 3mm, but you can push the stamp deeper into the soap. Pushing way too deep will casue the slice to crack or break.

Never get that unwanted rectangular imprint around the real design! Wait wait wait... Believe it or not, I had a customer in USA who preferred the imprint to include the rectangular shape, too, so she intentionally pushed the stamp deeper.

Stamping is not a natural skill, not everyone is able to use soap stampsstraight away. You can read my article on how to stamp properly here.

Thanks for reading

Viktor @SoapStamps4You

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