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Do you make custom stamps?

Updated: Mar 2, 2019

The short answer is yes and no! Read forward for explanation

A have already made custom stamps for many of you and already told no, or not now for many of you. I would like to give some explanation on the whys that you may have in your mind.


Looking around on Etsy or on chinese websites you can see wide range of offers around custom stamps. Why is it good to wait for me?

There are many images online anybody can use for their own purposes or to collect inspiration of them. Many of you had a graphics designer who made a logo, or simply just found one online. Are these logos and images compatible to be stamped into a soap? I have to say the big truth is, 90% of the time NO.

Let's dig a little bit deeper:

Every single soap has a very specific texture due to the chemical reactions and on top of this continuously changing, I mean gets harder, shrinks (up to a certaion point). Let's see what I offer:

The described process takes hours and hours of work digitizing your design and then making changes to it manually.

How much does it cost and why?

My custom stamp prices start at 35 British pounds and up depending on the size, design, 3D or 2D type.

If you think it is expensive, just count a little bit:

minimum 3 hours of SKILLED CAD work, raw material, energy consumption, machine time, machine wear,damage of bar of soap or soaps during test. (In UK where I live UNSKILLED hourly rate for a factory worker is approx 7.5 GBP/hour).

Materials used:

We solely use ECO friendly bio degradable (only under specific conditions, so no worries) sttarch / plant based material for the stamp. I personally read articles about Acrylic when I wanted to make custom soap stamps using my milling machine. I gave up the idea becasue of the tremendous level of pollution acrylic factories release.

As you may have noticed, we glue the base and the head to each other. We use high-end German quality glue that is not Epoxy based considering the environment as much again as we can.

Availability of custom soap stamp making service:

INTERMITTENT, yes intermittent. My main profile is not custom soap stamps. The main profile is to make the best quality and best working stamps for everyone who makes soap all over the world (this includes custom stamps, too) ;)

"Okay, but when can I order custom from you?"

Please look out when the button is clickable on the home page.

And here I add some pictures what the process and machines are like :)

This image is in the design view whereas you can see all the black dots as manual elemts of the drawing.

2 out of our 5 machines (24th February 2019 status) working...

1 possible outcome of a design to see the final product and if needed add further features, fillets, rounds, chamfers to it.

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