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Being an IT Engineer I was always keen on technology. My wife Timi has been making soaps for years and been purchasing stamps online, but many times without the result she hoped.

Soap Stamps 4 You was born as a result of an agreement between us. I wanted a 3d printer to play alround with and she wanted better soap stamps. :)

The first stamps were made for Timi only, were shared online with soaping friends without any other plans. But every fellow soaper wanted to purchase through her from me.

I am very proud and happy saying that we love what we do both, continuously develop our products, invent new products and do our best customer service wise.

Viktor Molnár


Born in 1982, Viktor is an established IT professional who now works full-time for Soap Stamps 4 You, following his passion for delivering unique, quality soap stamps and related products. Before this, as an IT Manager, Viktor spent a lot of time on duty, often far away from home. But the diagnosis of a pulmonary embolism changed Viktor’s life completely. He is delighted to be able to work for himself and spend much more time with his children and of course gets to work together with his wife, Timi – whose love and support helped to establish and grow Soap Stamps 4 You. Every stamp from Soap Stamps 4 You is individually made by Viktor. The stamp is carefully checked, and then hand filed for the best results. New stamp designs are also rigorously tested by Timi before the final design is released.

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Best soap beveler you can get. Ever! Three options to cut your edges plus it works like a charm. No over cutting, uneven or slipping. Love it!

I am so happy with SoapStamps4You. I have done a lot of soap stamping with many different kinds of stamps threw the years.

I ordered 4 stamps. I have to say that these are by far the BEST stamps I have ever used. NO sticking, No bad impressions, these release easy. The material you use must be the secret. LOVE these stamps. Service is quick and quality is perfect. Thank you will buy more.

Thank You for the great transaction! Everything went perfectly - quick shipment and impressive quality of products. I really do recommend deals with this seller.

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